iNSIDER Terms & Conditions

When you purchase a Tekserve iNSIDER Mac bundle (new Apple computer with AppleCare at the standard price) from Tekserve, you qualify for a complementary Tekserve iNSIDER membership. Benefits apply ONLY to the computer purchased in the bundle. Participation in the program is optional and requires you to keep a good backup of your Mac’s data. Tekserve is not responsible for data loss or corruption at any time. All terms and conditions are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of Tekserve.

Program Terms

Your membership lasts for 3 years from the date of your Mac purchase. To renew your membership, you must by a new Mac with a Tekserve iNSIDER bundle, which includes the AppleCare Protection Program.
iNSIDER privileges only apply to the original purchaser of the computer.

50% off Data Transfer & Software Install

When you buy a new Mac from Tekserve we’ll transfer your data off your old computer and install any software you purchase from us.
This service must be requested at the time of purchase and cannot be done at a later date.

This service requires giving Tekserve your username and password. You may change your password 
before or after the service.
Tekserve cannot guarantee your files will be integrated into your new Mac. If a standard migration fails, we 
may place all your transferred files in a folder for you to integrate or quote you an additional fee for integration.

Integrating your old PC files into the Mac OS or installing Windows on a Mac is at an additional charge. A simple transfer of files is still eligible for the discount

If the Mac or PC we are transferring the data from has a technical issue that prevents data transfer, you may be quoted an additional fee to take apart the computer to complete the transfer. Reassembly of the original computer is available for an additional fee.

30-minute Welcome Lesson

Starting with where the power button is, we’ll walk you through starting up your Mac for the first time. Internet and email set-up is NOT included.

This lesson must be completed within 14 days of picking up your new Mac.

This lesson does NOT include teaching you specific applications or tasks.

Troubleshooting computer issues is NOT included. Additional training or technical assistance can be purchased for an additional fee.

Tekserve Tote Bag

Customer will receive one Tekserve tote bag per computer purchased, subject to availability and substitution by Tekserve.

Guaranteed Buy-Back

Up to 24 months after your purchase, you can trade-in the Mac you purchased under the terms of this program. We’ll give you half the Mac’s base model value to apply towards a shinier new one.

Your Mac’s base value is defined as the retail price before customization and upgrades. If you Mac’s part number does not begin with “M,” your trade-in price will be based off the standard model beginning with “M,” most similar to the one you purchased originally.

You must have all your Mac’s original accessories and box to receive the trade-in value. Otherwise the cost of replacing your original accessories or box will be deducted from your trade-in value.

Your Mac cannot have any dings, dents, or other visible damage. Otherwise your trade-in value will be reduced by the cost of any required repairs.

Your Mac must pass extensive technical testing to ensure all components are fully functional. You trade-in value may be reduced by the cost of any required repairs that are not covered under AppleCare.

Loaner Mac or iPad Conditions

A loaner Mac or iPad will be offered in conjunction with any repair or upgrade that cannot be performed within same day at Tekserve. The loaner Mac will be a standard portable intended for basic tasks and Internet access. A loaner display will be provided when we are repairing an Apple display purchased on a qualified invoice.

You may upgrade the standard portable loaner to any available rental unit and receive a discount of $99 off the regular repair rental price.

You must keep your data backed up. Data backup is only available for an additional charge and requires at least one business day.

You will be required to leave a deposit, equivalent to the value of the rental, if your computer is being repaired for accidental damage. You will be liable for any damage or loss of the loaner.

Repairs awaiting approval, payment, or customer response for more than 3 days will be charged standard rental rates until resolved.

The loaner Mac must be returned within 72 hours of notification that the repair has been completed. Failure to do so will result in a late charge of $25 per day or our standard rental rates (whichever is less).

Loaner Mac privileges are not transferable and shall apply only to the owner named on the original invoice.

All rentals are subject to availability.

Front of the Line Repair Privileges

If you ever need to come in for a repair, you’ll cut the line to drop-off your Mac faster.

Identify yourself as a Tekserve iNSIDER to the service greeter to be seen as soon as possible by a 
Tekserve Specialist. Typically your wait time will be 15 minutes or less.

Mac Tune-up Service

Each Mac you buy as part of an iNSIDER bundle is entitled to a complimentary tune-up once per year.

Your Mac must be completely backed up before receiving a tune-up service. If you Mac is not backed up you, may choose to receive the Backup Consultation & Setup service instead or pay a fee to have us back up your data for you.

A tune-up includes cosmetic cleaning of your machine and testing key components of your Mac are functioning at that time. It does not guarantee future functionality of your Mac.

A deep cleaning fee may be quoted to you if your Mac requires extensive take apart for cleaning. For example an iMac in a smoking household, may require the glass to be removed to clean the inside of the machine. Deep cleaning is optional.

You may bring your back-up drive in with your machine for testing. Testing of your drive does not guarantee all your data will restore normally, it only guarantees the drive is functioning normally at that time. We recommend creating multiple data backups.

Backup Consultation & Setup

We’ll help you purchase and set-up a personal backup system.
This service covers backup solutions for home and home office. Consulting and setup for professional 
creative and business solutions is available for an additional fee.

A Tekserve Specialist will offer you a selection of consumer backup solutions for you to pick from and 
purchase at Tekserve.

A Tekserve Specialist will setup the backup solutions you purchase from the options offered. You will need 
to complete the backup process at home. You will be given testing instructions to confirm your backup has 

There is no phone support offered with this service. If your backup fails or you cannot test your backup, you must bring your Mac and backup solution back into Tekserve for troubleshooting.

Exclusive Special Offers

Get discounts on sale Macs, hard drives, printers, and other Mac accessories via email quarterly.

All offers are while supplies last (no rain-checks) and may have quantity limitations.

Offers may not be combined with other offers unless otherwise specified.

You may unsubscribe to our emails at any time.

Tekserve’s FAQ Books

Every year, you’ll get an invitation to get the new edition of Tekserve’s FAQ books: now with editions for your Mac and your iDevice (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch).

You are entitled to one copy of each Tekserve FAQ book per year.

Get New Products Faster

With first-in-line privileges, we’ll make sure you’ll be put at the top of our waiting list when the next hot Apple product comes out.

To be placed on the wait list, visit, call, or email Tekserve and identify yourself as a Tekserve iNSIDER. A quote for your chosen product will be created with your preferred contact information.

Tekserve may receive new Apple products on a different schedule than other retailers. We can only guarantee allotment within the inventory available to us.

Once your product is available for purchase, you will be notified. If you do not pay for your product within 72 hours, it may be released to the next customer on the list.

Private Shopping Events

You will receive invitations via email to private shopping events for members only. You may bring one guest with you to each event.

All deals are while supplies last (no rain checks) and quantity limits may apply.

Deals may not be combined with other offers unless otherwise specified.