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Before Tekserve, stuff just didn’t work. After Tekserve, stuff works and I can focus on what I love.

Niko B., Capital Studios & Mastering


Tekserve not only manages, but designs and configures the installation and the deployment of technology—in ways we barely imagined only a few years ago.

We have customized and deployed one of the largest iPad fleets  in the world and helped the most meticulous luxury retailers revise their selling, inventory, and communications. At the highest levels we’ve managed broadcast and film post-production for media clients around the world. For twenty-six years, we have continuously developed proprietary practices that are flexible and robust, as well as reliable, rigorous, and exacting enough to set new industry standards.

When Al Jazeera America selected a technology partner to launch its New York City bureau–they knew that they needed a team that understood creative workflows, had an extensive background in the media space, and would deliver the buildout on time. Al Jazeera America found that team in Tekserve, the world’s top Avid reseller.


Our work in digital media creation management has always been on the cutting edge of this field for many reasons: Because our clients are the best in the business and demand creative, innovative, and dependable solutions, and because our hometown, New York City, is built on creative enterprise.

From production to archive, our team pinpoints and installs the most efficient and reliable tools to develop end-to-end digital media solutions for our broadcast, journalism, marketing, sports, music, film, and post-production clients.

APPLE, Avid & Adobe Experts
Storage & Asset Management
Editing & Collaborative Production
Transcode & Ingest
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Tekserve is the largest Apple reseller, the largest Avid reseller, and an Adobe Gold partner. With an equal amount of expertise in workflows with all major editing platforms, we can solve any workflow challenge.
Our custom-designed digital asset management solutions allow clients to catalog and store digital photos, music, videos, and animations for sharing, retrieval, and security.
Artists are provided with all the production and editing tools they’ll need to create and collaborate with ease. They’ll spend their time doing great work instead of sending files back and forth.
Music, audio, and video files are converted and compressed with minimal cumulative image loss, using systems and tools provided by our team of technicians, who understand both the process and the creativity of our clients.
Get rich media and content out to your clients—or to the global marketplace, with solutions and tools for all distribution channels.
We provide data mirroring solutions to create a backup of assets, preventing data loss and guaranteeing instant access to content.
When music, film, art, and production are at the heart of a company, digital assets are the lifeblood. We help all of our clients protect against data loss—or recover work, if a disaster should strike.<
An organization’s assets, old and new, can be preserved and periodically reviewed, in a complete digital library. As the amount of digital material increases, as platforms change, and as technology evolves, good archival methods are a necessity.

When the largest sporting events in the world need game-time technology that works with unerring reliability, they turn to Tekserve. Along with our deep expertise in Avid technology, HP workstations, and professional storage, we design and deploy the technology used for on-screen graphics, instant playbacks, special effects, and the behind-the-scenes systems used by every one of the major Sports Broadcasters.



With decades of experience as a trusted Apple partner, it’s perfectly natural that we would become a world-leading expert on how to design, plan, implement and manage mobility and iOS solutions.

Our experienced team of engineers, trainers, and solution architects have implemented the most innovative uses of the iPad and iPod touch in all kinds of applications—from hospitality to retail, life services to healthcare, field sales to field service technicians—and so much more.

Basic & Advanced Imaging
Remote Management
Centralized Reporting
Bring Your Own Device Management
Apple ID Creation
WiFi Evaluation & Design
Theft Detection
Fleet Management
App Development
End users will get a fast and friendly start to their iOS experience with relevant Apps, content, an Apple ID, and security policies installed and ready to use right away. We can image an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to reflect our client’s branding, both on the device—in its configuration, options, and screen graphics—and out—in engraving corporate logos on devices or cases.
Beyond just monitoring and updating devices to ensure compliance and resolve technical issues without sending a tech into the field—our remote management techniques allow our clients to distribute data and Apps company-wide, in real time.
Comprehensive reporting and analytics allow our clients to understand how their technology is working for them.
Empowering employees with options while reducing hardware budgets is a smart choice for many organizations. We keep the exercise entirely positive by making sure our clients don’t sacrifice security or support in the process.
Gartner Research predicts that by 2017, half of all employers will require staff to bring their own devices to work. Are you prepared?
Through a proprietary process, we can quickly create, assign, and activate Apple IDs, so employees can begin using their devices right out of the box.
iOS devices can strain a corporate network’s infrastructure. Evaluating our client’s existing Wi-Fi systems is part of our process. And, if required, we will efficiently integrate solutions to ensure stable connectivity at all times.
Keeping data secure and locked down is always critical. We monitor our clients’ devices to ensure that they’re protected and up-to-date. And, if a device should go missing, we can remotely track its location and wipe the data.
Whether you need to manage 10 or 10,000 iOS devices, we’ve assembled industry-leading tools and proprietary practices for some of the most demanding mobile installations in the world. Devices can be delivered same-day in New York City and next-day across the world.
With well over 100,000 registered App developers for iOS technology alone, and nearly a million Apps for review, we make it our business to know the community well enough to recommend the best development partners for our clients’ very particular needs.

We don’t just hand you an iOS device. We provide the process by which the technology is able to work, very specifically, for your company’s needs. Devices are delivered—preconfigured, integrated, and managed—on-time and within budget.


New York is a demanding town—regardless of the industry. No one knows that better than the businesses that flourish here. But nothing in the last decade could have proved more demanding than the appetite and requirements for technology solutions to address business and creative challenges.

Tekserve’s ability, not only to respond to businesses’ demands, but to lead and guide the development of technology’s role in enterprise, has allowed us to manage solutions in every sector of business in New York and nationwide.

Our experienced team of systems engineers, solution architects, technicians, and trainers work independently—or in collaboration with our customers’ IT departments—to meet business goals, add insight and depth to internal infrastructure, and provide additional brainpower to some of the most discerning and demanding companies in the world.

Remote Support & Help Desk
On-Site Support
Remote Monitoring & Remediation
Repairs & Upgrades
Data Recovery & Backup
Come the day of installation, systems become real—cables are run, computers and monitors are positioned, and storage solutions connected. Systems are tested, checked—and checked again.


Most comforting of all: documentation. All areas of the project—including device settings, network configurations, and support procedures—are noted and made clear for our clients.
We provide training to individuals, divisions, corporations—or any manner of groups—on systems, software, hardware, iOS devices, and Apps. We offer customized training designed to focus on all the ways technology can improve productivity within a specific organization while meeting defined goals.


At Tekserve, training is always clear and concise, and managed with the promise of ongoing connection and follow-up.
Fast, friendly, and New York-based support for our clients’ organizations, from Tier 1 to advanced Help Desk assistance, is provided. Issues that require immediate attention—anywhere in the world—can be controlled remotely.
Our team has decades of experience solving technical challenges. With engineers and technicians on-site—full-time, part-time, or on-demand—friendly support is always available.
To keep servers humming, backup systems operational, and critical data readily available, we provide remote monitoring solutions that continually analyze a client’s IT infrastructure and issue instant alerts so that challenges can be addressed before they impact business.
Since we know repair needs are unpredictable, we never require appointments. Our corporate service coordinator will shepherd repairs from messenger pickups to delivered returns. Our clients never need to leave their desks.


With over thirty Apple Certified technicians at our Manhattan facility, and the largest stock of repair parts in the area, we complete repairs and upgrades as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.


Note, too, that we also rent Macs and iPads for the duration of repairs, when business interruption isn’t an option.
After a system failure, recovering as many assets as quickly as possible is paramount. Our technicians will comb through any device to get data back quickly. Moreover, they can evaluate the system and help map out a plan to ensure that content is protected in the future.

Fast and pleasant. Entire experience between asking for quote and having product was 3 days.

Janet P., Executive Business Media


Examining, assessing, and determining what hardware and software an enterprise may need is only the first step in meeting a client’s requirements; the next priority is figuring out how to ship, track, and organize the delivery and installation of their technology devices or systems.

Our IT Fulfillment team works closely with clients to streamline fulfillment needs, getting gear in place quickly and efficiently.

Custom Web Portals
Employee Purchase Programs
Same-Day Delivery in NYC
Ariba & Oracle PunchOut Integration
Billing Accounts
Custom web stores can be filled with the products our clients need at prices that allow for easy ordering anytime.
Tekserve can create a dedicated web store and retail experience for business clients who choose to give their employees discounts on Apple and other products.
For our New York City clients, we provide same-day and rush delivery when a critical piece of technology may be needed quickly. Plus, we offer overnight delivery all across the country.
Integration with our clients’ purchasing systems allows fast and seamless ordering from Tekserve’s full catalog of products.
Whether it is one system or an enterprise-wide deployment, leasing allows you to pay for equipment as your business grows, not before. You can finance your entire solution: equipment, software, and services. You'll only have to make one easy payment, customized to meet your needs.


Tekserve offers fast, affordable business leasing through Apple Financial Services or a variety of other competitive providers. Tekserve offers 2 to 3 year leases with several options to purchase or trade in your equipment at the end of the lease.
We have an extensive inventory of Apple computers, iPad models, and displays, as well as projectors and accessories. Whether you need a Mac to check your e-mail, edit with Final Cut Pro on location, or run Windows with Boot Camp, we've got you covered.
We offer billing accounts to highly-qualified organizations. To set-up billing terms, contact your account manager and have your Dun & Bradstreet number available.

Thanks again for all your help, you’ve been a dream to work with.

Sarah R., Vogue Magazine


Tekserve has the highest level partnerships with many of the top technology vendors in the world. From our origins as the first Apple store and service provider in Manhattan in 1987–to today, Tekserve is Apple’s largest Reseller and Premium Service Provider. Our long-standing expertise in creative workflows propelled us to Avid’s number-one vendor–globally—in video solutions in just 18 months. Contact us for a consultation on the best solutions for your business from any of these partners and many more.

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Service was excellent and Tekserve got me exactly the right stuff for a very competitive price.

Greg L., Studio North Creative

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